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Thank you for all the people who have visited my site over the past five years. While I get a lot of daily traffic, I can no longer afford my little hobby site and it will no longer exist come May of 2015. Thank you to all of you who visited and used this site. Cheers! Joel Baxter

Search our powerful Wine Pairing Database for Wine and Food Pairings or Beer and Food pairings for wine and cheese parties, banquets, weddings, dinner parties or for food to serve for wine tastings.

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7,416  Pairings
  Food       Type     Varietal  Rating 
Aioli Paired with: White Wine GrĂ¼ner Veltliner
Almond Paired with: Beer Beer
Caribbean Cusine Paired with: White Wine Pinot Grigio
Cashews Paired with: Sparkling Wine Prosecco
Ham Paired with: Red Wine Beaujolais, Cru
Roquefort Cheese Paired with: Dessert Wine Monbazillac
Thai Cuisine Paired with: Red Wine Nero d'Avola
Beef Stew Paired with: Red Wine Bordeaux AOC Red
Phildelphia Cheesesteak Paired with: Red Wine Cabernet Sauvignon
Beef Ribs Barbecued Paired with: Red Wine Cabernet Sauvignon
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