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Grey Goose Vodka Martini Recipe and Food Pairing
Vodka Martini Cocktail Recipe with Grey Goose Vodka ReviewVodka Cocktails and Food Pairing is not a popular topic.  When we looked up how many people around the globe googled ‘vodka and food pairings’ last month, we were told it was 12 people.  That’s a shame, as Vodka and Vodka Martinis are delicious cocktails that go great with certain foods.

One of our favourite Vodkas is Grey Goose, and we enjoy it as a Vodka Martini.  Our Vodka Martini recipe is simple; pour two ounces of Grey Goose Vodka over a rocks glass full of ice and add two olives.  There are many other cocktails you can make with Grey Goose Vodka, but we find this is the best one to show off Grey Goose’s amazing smooth taste to enjoy with the following foods.

Vodka and Caviar

Only 73 people searched for Caviar and Vodka last month, and this is a shame as it may be one of the most perfect food and wine related pairings ever.  Some say champagne is the best wine to pair with Caviar, but we feel Grey Goose Vodka’s clean and smooth taste does not interfere with the Caviar’s delicate and subtle flavours.  Grey Goose Vodka has a citrus edge to its nose, and a faint nutty taste which makes it a great pairing with California White Sturgeon Osetra Caviar, which has a nutty component itself.  Hackelback is nuttier flavoured caviar which goes great with the dry and smooth flavour of Grey Goose Vodka.

Vodka and Olives

Putting Olives in your Martini is quite common; however it’s a rarely discussed topic.  The briny nature of the olive completely changes the taste of the Martini.  Some say it takes the edge off the first sip, others simply like the taste of the olives after it has soaked up some of the vodka flavouring.  We like olives and vodka together as olives are salty, and Grey Goose Vodka is refreshing.  Thus after the first olive we crave a little relief, which one sip of a Grey Goose Martini provides.

Smoked Salmon and Vodka

We feel a Vodka Martini is exceptional with Smoked Salmon as Smoked Salmon is often eaten as an appetizer.  The goal of Smoked Salmon, due to its intense flavour is to get you hungry for your main meal.  A Vodka Martini has the same effect, while it’s not salty, it quenches your thirst with each sip when paired against Smoked Salmon, and meanwhile the Martini really gets you hungry for what culinary adventures that lie ahead.

Shrimp and Vodka

I fell in love with Shrimp and Vodka served together years ago.  Often at my dinner parties I serve a simple shrimp cocktail at the start of the evening.  The Shrimp Cocktail goes great with a Grey Goose Martini as the vodka is a clean beverage which enhances the shrimp’s most finest flavours.  Shrimp has a mineral hue to it from the sea and I find the vodka simultaneously brings out and refreshes your palate against this subtle flavour of the shrimp.  Furthermore, it’s quite relaxing sitting back in a comfortable chair, eating shrimp and sipping on a Vodka Martini while sharing conversation amongst great company.

There you have it, three great foods that pair amazingly well with Vodka.  If you are one of the twelve people who google searched ‘Vodka and Food Pairing’, hopefully you found some great suggestions.  Finally if you are a vodka lover, we'd love to hear feedback on what foods you enjoy most with Vodka.  There isn't a lot of information floating around there, which is surprising as Vodka is a popular cocktail ingredient.
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Written by: Joel Baxter