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Wines of Tuscany - Ruffino Chianti Wine Review and Food Pairings
Ruffino Chianti and Food Pairings ReviewRuffino 2010 Chianti is a fresh and youthful Italian wine of Tuscany with rustic charm made from the Sangiovese grape.  Rustic is a description often applied to Italian wines, and it often implies an earthiness or forest component to it.  Such is the case with Ruffino Chianti which has a rich mulch and violet aroma with a green olive bite.  In the mouth you’ll find bright red fruit flavours such as strawberry, cherry and cherry tomato.  Ruffino Chianti has great acidity, enough tannin for character, and a spicy/smoky finish.

Best Red Wine with Spaghetti and Meatballs

The ultimate red sauce Pasta and wine pairing would have to be Chianti.  Chianti is made with the Sangiovese grape which produces highly acidic wines.  High acidity is something you want when acidic tomatoes are involved, or else the whole dish will come off as flat and taste metallic.  Chianti also has enough tannin to dance well with the proteins in any meat that might be in the sauce.  Ruffino Chianti is perfect with Spaghetti and Meatballs as it is not oaky, which allows it to harmonize nicely with tomato sauce.

Minestrone Soup and Wine Pairings

Minestrone Soup is an Italian Soup that is sometimes entirely vegetarian, or may contain meat like ham.  Most Minestrone Soups contain a tomato base, which is why Ruffino Chianti is perfect as it is an acidic enough wine to hold up to it.  Minestrone contains many other vegetables like beans, corn, potatoes, celery and onions.  The rustic and earthy quality of Ruffino Chianti is a great match to these veggies as it complements their earthy qualities.

Lasagna and Wine Pairing

Ruffino Chianti will pair with both meat and vegetarian Lasagna.  Lasagna has plenty of tomato sauce, and thus the higher acidity of Ruffino Chianti will brighten up the sauce the two are enjoyed together.  Chianti pairs well with meat Lasagna as the wine has a smoky aroma to it.  The acidity and rustic qualities of Chianti makes it a great wine match for Vegetarian Lasagna as it will complement the earthy flavours of Zucchini, Carrots, Eggplant and Bell Peppers.

Chianti Pairing with Pepperoni Pizza

Ruffino Chianti is a fabulous wine to pair with Pepperoni Pizza as they are both simple foods/wines.  When paired together, they will both brighten each either up considerably.  The acidity in Ruffino Chianti will wash away the fattier component of the pizza, and the true pepperoni, cheese and tomato flavours will leap out.  Meanwhile the protein in both the pepperoni and cheese will have something for the tannin in the Chianti to cling on to, and thus the bright and fresh flavours of this wine will have a chance to really strut its stuff across your palate.  I enjoy this pairing so much that I always keep a bottle of Ruffino nearby for those unplanned pizza orders during movie nights at home.
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Written by: Joel Baxter